What is the Tort of Harassment?

I am often contacted by individuals who tell me that they have been subjected to harassment. In some cases, the individual did not really have much of a case because the conduct complained of was not severe or harsh enough to cause actual emotional distress. It may seem insensitive, but unfortunately, the law will not compensate an individual because he perceived someone being mean to him.

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Negligence and Children’s Liability

As a father myself, the idea of children being held liable hits home for me. We generally consider children to be innocent and incapable of the kinds of wrongdoing that we generally associate with adults. The law, however, does not have the luxury of turning a blind...

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How Long Can I Wait To Sue My Employer?

This is a question that I am often asked by clients. The Limitations Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, c. 24 provides that a person generally has 2 years from the day when that person knew or ought to have known that an injury, loss or damage had occurred. There are circumstances...

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Purchasing a Business in Ontario

Preliminary Considerations Acquiring a privately held business in Ontario can be accomplished through an asset or share transaction, depending on both tax and non-tax considerations. Generally speaking, purchasers prefer to buy assets and a vendor prefers to sell...

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Facebook Divorce

  "Facebook divorce" refers to the increasing number of marital breakdowns that have occurred as a result of information found or discovered on social networking sites like Facebook. In recent years, Canadian Courts have allowed postings on social media sites,...

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